Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stop the Presses! I Just Took a Shower!

In the middle of the day!

We just returned from a short trip to Ohio, and we stayed in a lodge that had a bathtub the size of small canyon. It was glorious to behold. Well, let me tell you, I ran right out, found the nearest drugstore and bought some of those cheap Calgon type take-me-away-english-garden-lavendar-sweet-pea-herbal-spa-in-a-box bath oil beads and soaked for a good long time in the middle of the day for no good reason. And I wasn't even dirty. What a treat.

 Fast forward to today.

I bought a Lee Child novel, The Affair to read on the plane home.  In it he describes these two guys in a truck who are hassling him.

 Fur. Ink. Hair. Dirt. Grease.

 I love it.  Five words and you have a complete picture of these men.

 While I was reflecting on the economy of Mr. Child’s writing, I suddenly realized I'd been living in the same pajamas for the better part of two and a half days. All the while I was writing a lot and sleeping a little, and eating some more, and writing some more, and then lollygagging a bit, and writing a bit more, too. For two and a half days. Give or take.

 Fur. Ink. Hair. Dirt. Grease.

 I’m not saying the description hit too close to home, but…for some reason a shower seemed like a splendid idea. 

Ah, now that I smell like rose petals rinsed in sunshine, passion fruit and rainbows, I guess I better get back to work!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here's the list and Molly's on it!

I'm so excited to participate in this gigantic author signing at Nationals.  The last time I went to one I worked as a cashier!  If you're in Anaheim on Wednesday, July 25, 2012, from 5–8 p.m. PT in the Ballroom (third floor) at the Anaheim Convention Center stop by and say hello!

This event is open to the public; there is no admittance fee. Please note: No outside books will be allowed in (from attendees, not signing authors). Proceeds from book sales go to ProLiteracy Worldwide.

Authors Signing at the Literacy Autographing: at RWA national conference
Sparkle Abbey
Cherry Adair
Dee J. Adams
Ivy Adams
Jeanne Adams
Ann Aguirre
Jami Alden
Cassie Alexander
Victoria Alexander
Kathy Altman
Laura Marie Altom
Donna Alward
Julia Amante
Starr Ambrose
Susan Andersen
Beth Andrews
Mary Kay Andrews

Vivian Arend
Amanda Arista
Keri Arthur
Claire Ashgrove
Jennifer Ashley
Louisa Bacio
Rachel Bailey
Kim Baldwin
Leigh Bale
Leanne Banks
Maya Banks
Elisabeth Barrett
Jenna Bayley-Burke
Anne Marie Becker
Tina Beckett
Shelly Bell
Meg Benjamin
Jennifer Bernard
Sandy Blair
Toni Blake
Mary Blayney
Karina Bliss
Joanna Bourne
Kira Brady
Jennifer Bray-Weber
Allison Brennan
Rogenna Brewer
Dee Brice
Terri Brisbin
Suzanne Brockmann
Linda Broday
Cheryl Brooks
Carolyn Brown
Margaret Brownley
Boone Brux
Marcella Burnard
Grace Burrowes
Annie Burrows
Dominique Burton
Jaci Burton
Britt Bury
Christyne Butler
Catherine Bybee
Kristen Callihan
DeAnna Cameron
Molly Cannon
Kate Carlisle
Susan Carlisle
Teresa Carpenter
Isobel Carr
Robyn Carr

Ruth A. Casie
Tera Lynn Childs
Terri Clark
Debra Clopton
Ellen Connor
Cynthia Cooke
Karina Cooper
Shelley Coriell
Lecia Cornwall
Jannine Corti Petska
Cara Covington
Connie Cox
Caitlin Crews
Heidi Cullinan
Victoria Dahl
Margaret Daley
Jordan Dane
Lauren Dane
BJ Daniels
Lydia Dare
Tessa Dare
Patricia Davids
Alyssa Day
Sylvia Day
Zuri Day
Tracy Deebs
Cindy Dees
Donna Del Oro
Wendy Delsol
Janelle Denison
Virna DePaul
Tracey Devlyn
Jacqueline Diamond
Lena Diaz
HelenKay Dimon
Lucienne Diver
Christina Dodd
Karen Doornebos
Kate Douglas
Marissa Doyle
Stephanie Doyle
Olivia Drake
Stephanie Dray
Vicky Dreiling
Eileen Dreyer
Judy Duarte
Jennifer Echols
Simone Elkeles
Kendra Elliot
Cara Elliott
JT Ellison
Janie Emaus
Suzanne Enoch
Karen Erickson
Carol Ericson
Elizabeth Essex
Jennifer Estep
Bronwen Evans
Trinity Faegen
Suzanne Ferrell
Laura Florand
Karen Foley
Tina Folsom

Marie Force
Amanda Forester
Delores Fossen
Addison Fox
Angie Fox
Susanna Fraser
Barbara Freethy
Tina Gabrielle
Alice Gaines
Shana Galen
Yasmine Galenorn
Diane Gaston
Olivia Gates
J.T. Geissinger

Louisa George
Cindy Gerard
Rachel Gibson
Teri Gilbert
Adrienne Giordano

Deeanne Gist
Debby Giusti
Linda Goodnight
Samantha Grace
Cecilia Grant
Jane Graves
Abby Green
Leigh Greenwood
LB Gregg
Laura Griffin
Maurissa Guibord
Janet Gurtler
Diane Haeger
Lynnette Hallberg
Jan Hambright
Lori Handeland
Karin Harlow
Fiona Harper
Lynn Raye Harris
Thea Harrison
Lauren Hawkeye
Alexandra Hawkins
Laura Hayden
Erica Hayes
Jennifer Haymore
Pamela Hearon
Lorraine Heath
Susan Gee Heino
Joyce Henderson
Lisa Hendrix
Rita Henuber
Kristan Higgins
Tes Hilaire
Lynda Hilburn
Tammy Hoganson
Cindy Holby
Karen Amanda Hooper
Anne Hope
Imogen Howson
Elizabeth Hoyt
Sara Humphreys
C.C. Hunter
Jackie Ivie
Alexandra Ivy
Brenda Jackson
Lisa Jackson
Ellie James
Julie James
Sandy James
Syrie James
Hannah Jayne
Sabrina Jeffries
Carolyn Jewel
Linda O. Johnston
Darynda Jones
Linda Winstead Jones
Crystal Jordan
Sophie Jordan
Debbie Kaufman
Laura Kaye
Erin Kellison
Diane Kelly
Dorien Kelly
Leslie Kelly
Brigid Kemmerer
Anne Kemp
Sharon Kendrick
Jeffe Kennedy
Janette Kenny
Lisa Kessler
Cindy Kirk
KC Klein
Angela Knight
Cassiel Knight
Erin Knightley
Ruthie Knox
Kieran Kramer
Jayne Ann Krentz
Geri Krotow
Robin LaFevers
Joyce Lamb
Elizabeth Lane
Kimberly Lang
Sharon Lathan
Rosalind Lauer
Andrea Laurence
Stephanie Laurens
Suzanne Lazear
Jade Lee
Melinda Leigh
Kara Lennox
Allison Leotta
Rose Lerner
Yvonne Lindsay
Sophie Littlefield
Carrie Lofty
Julia London
Julie Ann Long
Roni Loren
Sharla Lovelace
Fiona Lowe
Elizabeth Lowell
Jennie Lucas
Jennifer Lyon
Kathy Lyons
Sally MacKenzie
Sarah MacLean

Katy Madison
Shawntelle Madison
Margo Maguire
Ann Major
Anne Mallory
Margaret Mallory
Lissa Manley
Michelle Marcos
Carol Marinelli
Shirley Marks
Deb Marlowe
Mia Marlowe
Lynne Marshall
Kat Martin
Hanna Martine

Sandra Marton
Delilah Marvelle
Cathy Maxwell
Melissa Mayhue
Monica McCarty
Cathy McDavid
Myra McEntire
Maureen McGowan
P.J. Mellor
Christine Merrill
Theresa Meyers
Tanya Michaels
Courtney Milan
Melanie Milburne
Julie Miller
Kristin Miller

DiAnn Mills
Phyliss Miranda
K.A. Mitchell
Kate Moore
Laura Moore
Trish Morey
Alexis Morgan
Sarah Morgan

Stephanie Morris
Pamela Morsi
Carole Mortimer
Debra Mullins
Sophia Nash
Elisabeth Naughton
Laura Navarre

Rhonda Nelson
Miranda Neville
Kate Noble
Brenda Novak
Molly O'Keefe
Barbara O'Neal
Kaitlin O'Riley
Jana Oliver
Kathi Oram Peterson
Robin Owens
Liza Palmer
Pamela Palmer
Cathryn Parry
Kate Pearce
Nicole Peeler
Marlene Perez
Robin Perini
Marta Perry
Mary Hart Perry
Carly Phillips
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Caridad Pineiro
Chris Platt

Rhonda Pollero
Jane Porter
Cindy Procter-King
Amanda Quick
Erin Quinn
Julia Quinn
Tara Taylor Quinn
L.L. Raand
Haven Raines
Hope Ramsay
Anna Randol
Deanna Raybourn
Christy Reece
Terri Reed
Tiffany Reisz
D. B. Reynolds
Sarah Richmond
Christie Ridgway
Christine Rimmer
J.D. Robb
Nora Roberts
Gina Robinson
Farrah Rochon
Maya Rodale
Karen Rose
Ann Roth
Robin L. Rotham
Roxanne Rustand
R. C. Ryan
Renee Ryan
Ruth Ryan Langan
Cristal Ryder
Sharon Sala
Cindy Sample
Barbara Samuel
Lynsay Sands
Charlene Sands
Cat Schield
Anna Schmidt
Bronwyn Scott
Jessica Scott
Regina Scott
Veronica Scott
Maggie Sefton
Lizbeth Selvig
Marie Sexton
Susan Sey
Sherri Shackelford
Karin Shah
Jill Shalvis
Liese Sherwood-Fabre
Kira Sinclair
Nalini Singh
Stefanie Sloane
Cheryl Smith
Heather Snow
Jill Sorenson
Teresa Southwick
Kerrelyn Sparks
Terry Spear
Tori St. Claire
Rochelle Staab
Shannon Stacey
Wendy Corsi Staub
Susan Stephens
Gabi Stevens
Shelli Stevens
Jillian Stone
Sasha Summers
Carla Swafford
Karin Tabke
Liz Talley
Candis Terry
RaeAnne Thayne
Kay Thomas
Sherry Thomas
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Pamela Tracy
Christine Trent
Janet Tronstad
J.D. Tyler
Amanda Usen
Kimberly Van Meter
Rayna Vause
Jeannie Watt
Tawny Weber
Karen White
Loreth Anne White
Barbara White Daille
Lori Wilde
Eileen Wilks
Beatriz Williams
Lauren Willig
Michelle Willingham
Teri Wilson

Mary Wine
Laurin Wittig
Pearl Wolf
Veronica Wolff
Lenora Worth
Laura Wright
Patricia Wright
Maisey Yates
Mingmei Yip
Rebecca York
Rebecca Zanetti

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day of the Week Undies

I'm not sure when it happened. I'm not sure when I became a slave to whatever day of the week it happened to be. Take yesterday. It was Wednesday, but Wednesdays aren't just hump day in my house anymore. No, now they're Taco Bueno Wednesdays -- a tradition that started when I ran the local soccer league in an office next to my husband's shop. The office needed to stay open during the noon hour, so he started bringing Taco Bueno over for lunch.  It was close by and who can resist a Mexi Dip?

Anyway, I don't run the soccer office anymore. I haven't for years. I work at home, and my husband comes home for lunch every single day. We eat sandwiches, or leftovers,  or whatever happens to be on hand.  Except on Wednesdays. On that glorious day my husband arrives, fast food bags in hand, and cheers of jubilation fill the air. Taco Bueno day survives! May it ever be so.

So what's the big deal, you might ask?  One day filled with spicy, cheesy goodness is to be celebrated.  And that would be true if it was just the one day.  But it's not.  Now it's my whole week.  Dance Class Monday, Girls Day Tuesday, TacoBueno Wed, Thursday-- thank goodness is still searching for it's own identity, Grand baby Friday, and Hubby Cooks Breakfast Saturday and Sunday. 

Obviously, that's not all I do on those days.  I write everyday, too.  But my writing schedule is shaped by those events.  Carefully plotted and planned to fit those parameters. I have always been relaxed, unstructured, and fancy free.  Some might say unorganized, muddled, and flighty. But the point is I laughed at my friends who treated Meat Loaf Monday or Laundry Day Tuesday like a religious observance.  Alas, my weekly routine has turned into a set of those old panties with a different day of the week emblazoned across the front. 

Except for Thursdays.  Run, Thursday, Run!  (Shouted in a voice like Richard Harris at the end of Camelot)  And if you're too young to remember Richard Harris and that movie, you probably don't remember Day of the Week undies, either.