Tuesday, June 26, 2012

At Last My Release Day Has Come Along

Sound the trumpets--The big day is here!!

AIN'T MISBEHAVING  by Molly Cannon hits stores today.  Amazon is shipping copies as we speak.  Kindles and Nooks are waking up to find there's a new kid in town.

Yikes, Yahoo, and Yabadabado!!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in reaching this day.  Friends, family, and the strangers I eavesdropped on when I needed fresh dialogue.  I'd swaddle you all in big bundles of the lightest linen and bounce you on my knee if it was possible.  Since I can't do that I'll just say I'm awfully grateful.

MAWAHHH! (that's a big sloppy kiss in case you couldn't tell)

I'm sure I'll be back with pictures!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm blogging at The Naked Hero today and I'm barefoot.  Those of you who know me won't be surprised by that, but I'm also a Goddess!!  Stop by and say Hello!

And can you believe AIN'T MISBEHAVING comes out in 6 days??  June 26, 2012.  Lordy Loo--put me in a can!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

I went to Baltimore and all I brought home was this Souvenir

Well, I haven't gone yet, but I'm getting ready to go to Baltimore this weekend with my sister and my daughter and my niece to see my other sister in a play.  Souviner follows the musical career of Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy woman who can't carry a tune but still manages to give recitals that become the talk of New York City and eventual holds a sold out concert at Carnegie Hall.

This is a picture of my sister, Sherrionne Brown.  For the record she can sing quite nicely.  But for this performance she bravely has to sing off key.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  And get a look at that dress!  That hair!  The big feather fan! I can't wait! And if you happen to be in the Baltimore area the show is running every weekend during the month of June.  So, if you have a chance, go see it!
By reading my blog one might think I travel a lot. Ohio last month, Baltimore this month, Anaheim next month. But I don't really. Or maybe I do, and I just haven't adjusted my brain to accept this new reality. I will ruminate on that another day.