Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Fat Fingers Inspired my Latest Book!

My latest book THE CRYSTAL FIG AFFAIR involves a diamond ring that seems to carry an old magical curse. The whole story was inspired one day when I tried to get my wedding ring off my finger and it wouldn't budge.

The most obvious idea that my fingers were too fat was unthinkable-LOL! I decided that it would be much more dramatic and intriguing  if a terrible curse kept it on my hand instead of my long-time love of doughnuts.

And so THE CRYSTAL FIG AFFAIR was born.  My heroine, Ellie, goes to great lengths to get the ring off, all the time refusing to believe in anything as incredible as a curse. As for me, I was forced to go on a diet, and I'm happy to say after a few pounds the ring came off!

If you want to find out what Ellie had to do, read THE CRYSTAL FIG AFFAIR.

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